Physiotherapy in Orthopedics, Traumatology and Rehabilitation

The physical therapy, in orthopedics and traumatology affects all types of patients (adults, children, athletes, etc.).

The treatments are individual and use mainly manual techniques.

Pathologies, the most frequently treated are :

  • The sprains

  • The strains

  • The postoperative cruciate ligaments

  • The prostheses (hip-knee-shoulder-other)

  • The fractures of all kinds

  • The problems of deformation (scoliosis-hyper-lordosis, etc)

  • The tendinitis (epicondylitis, shoulder cuff syndromes, trochanteritis, etc)

Purpose of the physical therapy,:

  • Re-educate an impaired limb and/or function.

  • Reduce the pains or inflammations

  • Guarantee a ergonomic range and ensure a preventive role

  • Helping and providing comfort on a daily basis