Cervico-Maxillo-Facial + HMTC

The Cervico-Maxillo-Facial physiotherapyassociated with the Head and Neck Myotensive Harmonization (HMTC) offers a global approach to head and neck pain:

  •  Tension headaches

  •  Migraines

  •  Earaches

  •  Facial pain

  •  Atypical dental pain

  •  Cervicalgias

and dysfunctions at the head level:

  •  Maxillofacial disorders

  •  Temporo-mandibular syndromes (TMJ)

  •  Certain sensations blocked ears

  •  Certain types of tinnitus

  •  Balance disorders

  •  BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)

These problems can often have functional causes and/or triggers.