Physiotherapy in Orthopedics, Traumatology and Rehabilitation

make an appointment Physical therapy in orthopedics and traumatology affects all types of patients (adults, children, athletes, etc.). Treatments are individual and use mainly manual techniques. The most frequently treated pathologies are : Sprains Sprains Post-operative cruciate ligaments Prostheses (hip-knee-shoulder-other) Fractures of all kinds Deformity problems (scoliosis-hyper-lordosis, [...]

Trigger Point

The goals of Trigger Point Therapy are to release local muscle contractures, to inhibit local inflammatory processes and to improve local vascularization. The trigger points that cause the current complaints are precisely identified. Once the diagnosis has been made, there are two therapeutic options available [...]

Radial Shock Wave Therapy

Radial shock waves are high-pressure mechanical waves emitted by an electro-pneumatic system and transmitted through the skin surface to the various pathological tissues. They are used to relieve pain while treating tendon injuries. These waves provoke micro-lesions which contribute to remodel and soften [...]

Cervico-Maxillo-Facial + HMTC

prendre rendez-vous La kinésithérapie Cervico-Maxillo-Faciale, associée à l’Harmonisation Myotensive Tête et Cou (HMTC) propose une approche globale des douleurs de la tête et du cou :  Céphalées de tension  Migraines  Otalgies  Algies de la face  Douleurs dentaires atypiques  Cervicalgies ​et des dysfonctionnements au niveau de la tête :  Perturbation maxillo-faciales  Syndromes temporo-mandibulaire (ATM)  Certaines sensations […]

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

make an appointment Orthopedic manual therapy is a specialization of physical therapy for neuromusculoskeletal pathologies. Manual therapy is based on scientific evidence, on the clinician's expertise and on a rigorous clinical examination. It is a specific professional qualification recognized by the Belgian state and internationally by the IFOMPT. More information on the website [...]